#Wikufest3 at SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Malang

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       Ok now I will talking about my experience when follow the event #wikufest3 24-25 January 2014 with the theme "Techno StartUp" .Ok for those who don ' t know what ' s that wikufest let me explain. Wikufest is the event organized by Alumnus SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra  like sharing knowledge,entrepreneurship and wisdom.Wikufest3 event presented the keynote speaker namely Aulia Halimatussadiah or usually called Mbak Ollie from nulisbuku.com and which is not less interestingly we also the arrival of a speaker from by mozilla namely mbak irayani queencyputri, mas yofie setiawan, and mas arief bayu purwanto.In here mozilla opened  three  class with the theme “How to Contribute in Mozilla : Support Mozilla (SuMo) and L10n“ by mbak rara ,” Mozilla Projects – WebFWD” by mas yofie and “Bootstrap Your Firefox OS Development” by mas arief.
       Here we get many knowledge and motivation so for student who do not follow this event certainly disappointed because wikufest it held just one year, and specifically to the class 2 and 3.oke so this is my experience when follow wikufest3 yesterday and this is pictures of me when follow wikufest yesterday and those who want to know what ' s that wikufest please click on a link following www.wikufest.org

 Me and My friend before opening #wikufest3

 Me and Fifi

 With Mbak Ollie and My Friend

 Kumi "Mozilla Community Indonesia Mascot"

 Me and Kumi "Mozilla Indonesia Community Mascot"

 Wikufest Participant

 My Collection from #wikufest3




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